Cows are okay, but .......                                                              Some of us cannot take milk

This Web Site belongs to Lill Fanny Saether and illuminates and records the problems we who suffer from lactose intolerance encounter. I will also try to help and make it easier to live with lactose intolerance. The Page will hopefully also be useful to some extent to those who suffer from milk allergy.  

The purpose of this Web Site is to study the content in foods, drinks, medicines, seasonings etc. I will investigate the labeling on the products and the listing of content and additives. I will contact the manufacturers or suppliers of products and point out insufficient or wrong labeling or listing of content. I will also make them aware of unnecessary use of dairy products as additives or flavorings.

My aim is to contact shops, restaurants and airlines to investigate the selection they have on offer and the options available for those of us suffering from lactose intolerance. I will first and foremost operate in Norway and Ireland, but it should be relevant to many, as a lot of producers and retailers are operating all over Europe and a lot of products are sold in most countries.

I will also give advice on alternatives to milk and milk products and were they are available, if possible.

I will document which producers or suppliers I am contacting, the answers I receive and what I find out regarding the products and the manufacturers. I will publish news, ideas and advice – also from you who are reading this page click here.

I will give manufacturers, shops, restaurants and others a “Gold Star” or I will place them in “The Dog House” on this page. This depends on their replay or reaction – or if they replay at all, to my inquiry - what they add or do not add in their products, or if they produce alternatives meant for us who cannot take dairy products.

If you have questions, ideas, experiences to share or want me to look into something, send me an e-mail

The latest e-mail contact with Knorr/Unilever on Aromat Send me an email if this is relavant to your situation

Gold Star


The Dog House

Knorr Bag of Taste Without lactose Knorr Aromat


Menkomel from Friesland Campina  

You will find a short explanation on what lactose intolerance is and the symptoms here

There are a lot more thorough and fullfilling articles and web sites on the disorder Lactoce Intolerance to be found on Google lactose intolerance. 995079496

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